From 2007-2011 I lived in Taiyuan, China, from 2014-2015 I lived in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and from 2015-2016 I lived in Washington D.C. I now live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I really like photography, and you can follow my attempts at it on Instagram.

I like to think about how people travel, especially in motorized vehicles or public transit, and how they could do that more efficiently. After two master’s degrees from Arizona State University I developed the business case for a first/last mile solution in Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands called Neumo, and I used to work at a rideshare startup in Washington D.C. called Split. Now I work at Viktoria Swedish ICT in Sweden as a sustainable transportation researcher. It. Is. Awesome.

And occasionally, I write stuff, especially over at Transitist.co. If you want to submit an article or your thoughts over at Transitist, just let me know.

I get to live in an apartment with a maddeningly smart German Shepherd named Athena, who is gracious enough to tolerate me. She takes most of my money.