Doing #MyPart4Syria: Athena!

I met Athena through my friend Brian. The first thing that struck me about her was that there was this very sweet, blonde white girl that wanted to take us out somewhere to break the fast for Ramadan.

What, an Asian Jew can’t have stereotypes? Puh-lease.

I would soon learn that Athena is one of the most open-minded and patient people I’ve ever met. That she has boundless love for cats. That she likes the same shade of almost-but-not-quite-Tiffany-blue-turquoise that I do. She also can speak fluent Arabic, won’t hesitate to put you in your place if you denigrate women, and has some serious dance moves. Or, to sum it up as her man puts it, “That’s one fine woman. That’s my queen.” And there’s the added joy of her AND my dog sharing the same, regal name!

Have I mentioned that she loves cats?

So Athena bought a ton of my furniture: $85 worth! That’s awesome!



Do you want to get in on the challenge, but can’t buy something from me? You can buy my time. Message me on Facebook, text me, or Venmo me your donation and tell me what you’d like me to do!

I’ll post the results of what I’m whoring you’re daring me to do on my Instagram and to Facebook with the hashtag#MyPart4Syria and tag you in it, so you’ll see what your money got you.

Day 2: $85 (+$35 prior) = $115

Time Left to Goal:  19 Days

$ Left to Goal: $385


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